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2 small Singer oil cans for Singer Featherweight

Two cute little Singer Featherweight metal oil cans in good condition.

First one (ref. #306) has some scratches on the end and is missing the lid on the spout:

 a few scratches on the end:

Price for this little oil can (ref #306) is $33.00 US which includes the shipping to Canada and continental USA.  We are happy to quote an international shipping rate.

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The second little oil can is also in very good shape except for a bit of flaking in the paint at the top right corner of the front of the oil can and a tiny scratch at the bottom.  It does have the lid on the spout.

The worn spot is visible in the upper right corner:

side view:

Price for this little oil can (ref. # 307) is $35.00 US which includes  shipping in Canada and continental USA.  Email for an international shipping quote.