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Sewing Machine manuals

Singer Sewing Machine manuals are pictured with a reference number.

Prices, which include shipping to Canada and continental USA, and further information under each photo:

 1949 edition, great condition $15.00

 1948 edition, great condition $17.00

 1958 - tape on spine and inside cover - inside in mint condition $22.00

 1948 - very good condition with a few pencil checkmarks inside $15.00

 1918 - good condition except tear in corner of cover $15.00

 1937 - good condition with light staining on some pages and wear on cover $15.00

 1950 - very good condition except scratch on front cover $15.00

 Ref. #205 - 1971 Singer 457 $17.00

 1903 - good shape with some wear on edges and a few small tears in back cover $22.00

 1972 - good condition with some wear to the cover $17.00

 cover has stains on it (see photo below for more info)

 Manual is for Elna Automatic and Plana Automatic - inside pages are slightly wrinkled but very legible 

 cover has some staining and a few wrinkles..(see below for more info)

 manual is for Elna Automatic C1.41, C1.43 and Elna Supermatic C1.62 and Plana Supermatic C1.64
There is some writing in the manual, but pages are very legible.  There is a wonderful list of available Elna discs in the back.  $17.00

 1949 - in great shape, scratch on front cover $15.00


back cover has a cut in it
 1959 - inside in very good shape $15.00 (Ref. # 218)

We are happy to answer any questions you may have about these manuals.  If you do not see the manual you are looking for, just email us as we have more manuals here.